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Every woman tries to create coziness in the house, we create comfort so that it is pleasant to return there, so that the house evokes only the most positive emotions, and she does not want to leave it at all. Women are not even ready to buy a hat from the latest fashion collection, but to buy silk pillows to match the curtains. In order for the house to be cozy and beautiful, first of all, you need to put things in order: remove or even throw out unnecessary things,wash floors, dust, vacuum carpets, walls and upholstered furniture, they accumulate a lot of dust, do not forget to wash the windows.

After you put things in order, you should think about changes in the interior. The most common female problem is small wardrobes and nothing to wear. It is necessary to fight with it, in order for all your things to fit into the closet, you need not so much a large closet as a comfortable one. The most convenient wardrobe is considered to be a wardrobe, it can even fit wholesale hats, let alone all the other things. Sliding wardrobes are made exclusively to order, before you place an order, you need to determine the places for the wardrobe, if you have a niche in your apartment, then the wardrobe is best mounted there, where it will look very compact.

You can install the cabinet so that its back and side walls are the walls of the room, so you will save materials and space, although such a cabinet cannot be taken with you to another apartment, but this is unlikely to become a big problem. A sliding wardrobe can become just a wonderful place for storing various things, in addition, if you make its doors mirrored, then it will act as a huge mirror, besides, mirrored doors will beneficially expand the space.

The important thing in the general appearance of the interiors is the color of the objects that are in it. The color of the objects should be combined with the decoration of the room and with each other. If you have a dark room, then you are better off using light furniture, but if you do not have a lack of light, then the color can be anything. As the manufacture of hats for girls, the carpet is important for the room, namely its pattern, color and size. The size of the carpet should not be too small, otherwise it will look poor, the pattern is now neutral and abstract in fashion, forget about traditional carpets with flowers and animals, they are out of date for a long time, it is better to buy a plain carpet in general. It is better to choose a light color of the carpet, but if you are worried that your household will stain it, then take some non-staining color, just not dark, otherwise instead of comfort you will get office coldness and severity. We create comfort.

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