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We are a creative team of professionals in love with what they do the first violin of the home interior. In recent years, designers have returned to the practice of decorating walls and ceilings with fabrics. These can be fixed or removable panels covered with fabric, mobile screens, free-hanging panels or draped curtains. At the same time, blended or natural fabrics with dust-repellent and antistatic impregnation are used. 

Another reanimated technique is a screen made of wooden frames covered with cambric, silk, muslin and evenembroidered with organza. A canopy made of fabric over a parent’s or children’s bed has also returned to us from the past.

Fabrics in the interior can even serve as a partition, quickly transforming the space. This is very convenient when the bedroom is combined with an office or when children of different ages live in the same nursery with mismatched modes of wakefulness and rest. Different sets of bedspreads and covers for upholstered furniture will help you quickly change the mood and style of the living room, you also need to buy curtains for the living room. In the dining and kitchen area, textiles will emphasize the atmosphere of comfort, individuality and taste of the hostess. Usually families use at least three sets of table linen made of natural linen. Kitchens are decorated with light curtains, napkins, potholders, towels.

Since ancient times, people have decorated their homes with fabrics, first for warmth and comfort, and later as decoration. Linen, cotton and wool remain the most popular today in a wide variety of versions: woven fabrics, tapestries, machine and hand knitwear, embroidery and lace. The variety of types of home textiles is amazing, but curtains are an absolute favorite. Window decoration can be winter and summer, festive and everyday, austere and fun. If it is difficult for the owner of the home to make a choice, then the best option would be to design custom-made curtains with further sewing in a specialized workshop. In this case, the main and duplicating fabrics, accessories and style solution will be ideally matched.

A separate element of the decor is carpets, which no longer cover the walls; they have been replaced with tapestry paintings. Carpets of various shapes, thicknesses and patterns are laid on the floor, which gives the room a special chic and comfort. Sofa cushions are considered to be one of the most favorite types of textile design. They can give a room a touch of democracy, stiffness, mischief and even mystery. They are easy to replace, creating a new style of your home along with a change of mood.

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