Rentier: Parasites or Workaholics?

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Hello! There is an opinion that most rentiers are lazy, loafers and people who do nothing. Yes, I agree, having capital that generates a constant and stable income without your participation, you can afford much more than without it. Parasites or workaholics money continues to work for you without vacation, without days off, without a lunch break, while you spend time with your family, do business, relax, travel, study. Money and capital can give a lot of freedom and time, which, as a rule, we are very limited by.

As a rule, having on hand as much money as will be enough and enough to live on interest , a person already has the right to choose what to do, if only because he is not limited by the scope of earnings. He does not have to get up early, go to work he does not like, spend most of his life in the office and deprive his family of his attention. He can do what he likes, what he has long dreamed of, realize his long-planned plans and ideas that appear every day, and thus enjoy life and spend his personal time the way he wants.From the outside, such a circumstance, which is different from the ordinary, may seem strange and cause a storm of negative emotions from others. When people see that a person can afford not to spend their time making money, they immediately have many questions on this topic. Moreover, they start to worry about it. Parasites or workaholics money continues to work.

It just so happened since Soviet times that a non-working person or a person without a permanent job received the proud title of a parasite, i.e. a person who does not live on earned income. Much time has passed, the situation has changed, but the stereotypes formed at that time remained, and that is why, especially people of the old school, still consider those who earn money in a different way from the generally accepted, parasites. Then, what can you say about retirees who live on their pension capital, which they have created throughout their working life? Following the logic, they can also be called parasites, and all rentiers – pensioners who retired early, right? So it turns out all the speculations that the rentier are idlers, a simple stereotype that easily breaks against the wall of obstacles that must be overcome and passed,

Someone, on the contrary, understands this very well and wants with all their might to get to this level, where there will be many more advantages. In my opinion, you need to have at least perseverance, courage and determination in order to somehow achieve and deserve such a position in society. I’m not talking about the Goldens who drain their parents’ capital, while simultaneously living their lives in endless highs. Now, I’m talking about the money earned and those who, despite the circumstances, were able to earn more money than they pay working for their uncle, somehow manage it and allow themselves to relax for a while. This is a clear indicator that they know an order of magnitude more than the rest. I believe that such people are worthy of respect, it is worth taking an example from them and learning something. What do you think about this? Parasites or workaholics money.

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