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Checklist with 8 points for the supplementary pension

Written by: SZ Checklist with 8 points for the supplementary pension from the supplement to SZ’s private provision

1. Determine your pension entitlement: If you are older than 27 and have at least 5 years of contributions, you will automatically receive an annual pension statement from the statutory pension insurance.
2. Determine your pension gap: This is the difference between the expected pension benefit (statutory, company and private) and your current net income. Certainly, compromises can be made if real estate financing expires in old age or travel costs to work are eliminated.
3. Check your own savings reserves: the supply gap must be closed by the savings.
4. Protect yourself against risks: Single earners in particular should take out term life insurance to protect the rest of the family and think about the case of disability.
5. Select the suitable pension product: Check the offer and let us advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of the individual products.
6. Check whether promotional pensions are possible: Rürup or Riester pensions are an issue here, as is company pension provision.
7. Take special tax considerations into account when taxing individual products.
8. And finally, check the decisions made from time to time Time


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