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We are a creative team of professionals in love with what they do. How to properly wash curtains andPenetrating air into the room will blow dust from the curtains, and also remove unpleasant stubborn odors from the material. But over time, the curtains, even when ventilated, have to be washed, and this method will depend on the quality of the material. Since the selected type of washing depends on the quality – manual or automatic (washing machine) method. By the way, when buying curtains, you must first decide on where you want to hang them.If the curtains need constant washing, then it is best to give preference to those curtains whose material can be washed in the washing machine. Since any curtains are voluminous, be sure to soak them in warm water with a small amount of powder or soap before washing.

But curtains are a fabric material that, like everything else, can get dirty over time, but washing them with a couple is not as easy as one might expect. Dust constantly appears on the curtains, various odors are eaten into them, especially if they are in the kitchen. Therefore, periodically the curtains need to be thoroughly cleaned, at least once a month. If you read women’s magazines, you have probably already heard that the dust that gradually settles on the curtains contains a variety of dust mites, and in order to get rid of them, it is necessary to destroy the dust on the material. As for quality work, cheap hotels in Moscow need regular customers. It is possible to clean the surface of the curtains from dust thanks to monthly airing of the room, while it is necessary to completely straighten the curtains in front of the window, and open the sash wide open.

This is best done in the bathroom, since in a large basin, you will still not be comfortable. After washing, the curtains must be thoroughly rinsed so that after they dry, no traces of powder remain on the material. In addition, the remaining powder on the material will lead to gradual fading of the material in the sun. It is best to iron the curtains before they are completely dry, and if possible steam them when ironing to make them look beautiful, especially if they will be hung in a conference room at a hotel. Stylish stainless steel ball taps will also add beauty to the kitchen, because metal gives the room sophistication and sophistication. The simplest material to wash is tulle, since to wash them you only need to soak them in water with the addition of detergent, and you do not need to rub them.

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