Health Data Hub: What are we talking about? (1-2)

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State of play

Health data in hospitals today represents a formidable source of information for researchers. The use of this data is one of the major challenges for health professionals in the years to come because it would allow a new approach to preventive medicine and especially for research.

In response to this strong demand for the right to access and use these big health data and the growing desire to develop French artificial intelligence, the government is rushing into the breach and announcing a new strategy in the exploitation health data aimed at using artificial intelligence.

The Villani report and the announcement by Agnès Buzin

On October 12, 2018, following the submission of the Villani report and the first statement made by the President of the Republic, Agnès Buzin announced the launch of a new platform: “The Health Data Hub”.

What problem does this platform address? At present, we can see that this data is very heterogeneous, it is held by very diverse entities (and not centralized) and constitutes a very sensitive content that it is necessary to protect and handle with maximum transparency and precautionary.

Objective of centralization and security

The objective of the platform is therefore to reorganize all this data. It is a matter of pooling them on a single database, of standardizing them, harmonizing them and finally securing them.

Once collected, the data can be made available to the various stakeholders upon request. Accessibility will be secure and will only be granted to trusted third parties who request it.

But who will benefit from this platform and for what purposes?
To find out, read the article Health Data Hub: For what uses?

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