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Various cosmetics, lotions, creams appear on the dressing table Facial skin care after 25 years. Young skin does not require special care if there is no acne, pimples and or other annoying manifestations. All that is needed is cleansing and light skin nourishment.

By the age of 25, when the body has undergone several phases of maturation, the type of facial skin becomes obvious, slightly noticeable facial wrinkles appear. In a panic, do not immediately purchase expensive anti-wrinkle creams. Skin careafter 25 – these are, first of all, moisturizing creams of light texture, which include vitamin E.

Such creams smooth out fine wrinkles and nourish the skin with the necessary substances, according to age. It is necessary to observe the water balance, since with a lack of moisture, the skin becomes vulnerable to external influences, loses its elasticity and quickly fades.

For moisturizing, you can use both creams and gels, tonics, thermal waters, various sprays, as well as masks made from natural ingredients, which are very effective with regular use.

Once a week, you need to carry out a procedure for thorough cleansing of the skin with scrubs, peels and cleansing masks. Means for deep cleansing should be selected according to the type of skin. After the cleansing procedure, the skin needs softening and moisturizing.

For this, you can apply vegetable oils, lotions, compresses and cosmetic moisturizers. As seen the cream should be applied to the skin with light pressure and strictly along the massage lines. In addition to cleansing masks, nourishing masks should be applied at least 2 times a week.

Best of all are homemade masks made from natural products such as honey, dairy products, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits, and herbs. Contrasting compresses are a good way to maintain healthy skin tone.

Alternately applying clean napkins dipped in hot and cold water, or preferably herbal infusion, on the face, the procedure should be finished with a cold rinse and a nourishing cream should be immediately applied to the wet skin. Do not forget about the delicate skin around the eyes.

To avoid the appearance of dark circles, swelling and fine expression lines in the eye area, you should choose the right cream or gel and apply regularly in the morning and evening.

Facial skin care after 25 years is also protection against the harmful effects of weather factors – frost, wind, sunlight. At low temperatures, a greasy cream should be applied to the face, protected from chapping.

In the summertime, it is necessary to use sunscreens with a high SPF index. Especially if the skin is prone to freckles, age spots, or has an unattractive shade after sunburn.

After 25 years, facial skin care is still preventive and does not take much time. Regular care of the skin and appearance should become an obligatory habit in order to preserve the youth. Health of the skin for a long time and prevent its premature aging.

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