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Conductors are substances that contain free electrical charges. Due to the presence of free charges in presence of electric field, the electrostatic field inside the conductors is zero.

Indeed, if there was an electric field inside the conductor, then a current would arise. It appears, for a very short time, when an electric field appears; in this case, the electric charges are redistributed in such a way that the charge on the surface of the conductor compensates for the action of the field.

If athere is no field inside the conductor, how does the electric current transfer through the wires? There is no contradiction here. If the electromotive force does not act, then the current stops immediately. But while the EMF is acting, there is a “redistribution of the charge – the movement of free electrons.

The electrical voltage that occurs before a thunderstorm between electrified clouds and the ground, causes a redistribution of charge in all conductors. Moreover seen by me that charges with a particularly high density are concentrated on the pointed edges of metal structures and all kinds of points and spiers.

Sometimes they accumulate so much that they begin to “drain” from the tip, a corona charge appears – a luminous halo; at the same time we seen a kind of noise, crackling is heard.

It is very dangerous to be near such objects during a thunderstorm. A significant charge can provoke an electrical breakdown of the air; in this case, a conducting channel of ionized plasma appears, through which a huge electric current passes.

Electrolyte solutions contain free ions. When an electrostatic field appears, free ions – ionized molecules – move towards the electrodes. In this case, electrical deposition occurs. If EMF acts, then deposition occurs continuously, and galvanic production is based on this property.

Gaseous conductors can be created artificially. An example of the use of such conductivity is electro paint. The technology is based on the fact that the smallest particles of sprayed paint are artificially ionized, and an electric charge is applied to the object to be painted.

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