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The comet fish was bred selectively, this is the form of a goldfish. The comet fish is widely known all over the world. Chinese underwater lovers especially appreciate fish with a huge tail, which is much larger than the body size of the fish.

The aquarium fish comet is a peaceful creature that takes root well with other types of fish. But nevertheless, it is better to carefully select neighbors for her, they should also be peaceful.

If we consider the body of a fish, then it haselongated view. The most beautiful part of the body is the tail, usually several times larger than the body of the fish. The tail is split in two. Usually a fish is judged by the length of its tail, the longer the more expensive it is. The elongated dorsal and lower fins give the fish a graceful appearance. The comet is 18 centimeters long, and they live for 14 years.

If a comet has a swollen body, experts assess it as defective. The color can be very diverse, especially fish, in which the shade of the fins is different from the color of the body, are appreciated. There are gold, yellow or silver specimens. Silver comets can have orange spots on their bodies.

The silvery color and red tail is also a very valuable specimen. Most often comets with a red-orange body with the addition of white or yellow hues. Interestingly, the fish can change its color due to lighting or nutrition. To maintain the original color of an individual, you need to properly maintain the fish.

Fish can be safely kept in a common aquarium with calm neighbors. Comets love to dig in the ground. The only difficulty in keeping fish, given their general unpretentiousness, is that they often jump out of the aquarium. Otherwise, comets are pretty simple. Comets can even be kept in garden ponds.

At home, fish are kept in aquariums, the volume of which is at least 50 liters. As usual, the size of the tank depends on the density of the aquarium population, which must be taken into account. The larger the aquarium, the happier your fish will be. When increasing the number of aquarium inhabitants, you should always remember about water aeration.

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