Chinese style interior home decoration idea

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We are a creative team of professionals in love with what they do. The Chinese style interior design, unlike the Japanese interior, is not as austere, so the amount of furniture and other accessories can be used more widely. But here it is necessary to arrange the interior so that it is conducive to contemplation and relaxation. Therefore, a bright palette plays an important role in this style, and black and red are a typical color for creating a Chinese interior, and even the System audio techniqueblack is recommended. After all, red in China symbolizes the element of fire – it is the color of passion and endless energy. The yellow and golden color is inherent in the chrysanthemum – an imperial flower associated with power and greatness. The beautiful natural color in the East is associated with growth and renewal, which symbolizes tranquility and hope.

Over the years, the color and shape of Chinese-style furniture has remained unchanged. In an ideal combination, all wood documents should be black lacquered, but red and brown colors are also acceptable. After all, black lacquered furniture is a classic of the Chinese interior, and gilding and intricate carving of some furniture details are mainly used to decorate it.

In addition, there are no sharp corners and bulky furniture in the Chinese interior, and elastic and strong bamboo is used for furniture. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, furniture should be made only from natural materials. But, also do not forget about the main Chinese style of decoration, since harmony and well-being should be present in a house in this created style. After all, monitor audio speakers, which have become so relevant in recent years, can easily fit in with a beautiful Chinese design.

The main feature of Chinese furniture is the complete absence of upholstery material, and instead, you can use skillfully embroidered silk pillows. Blooming dragons, cherry branches, flowers and pagodas are embroidered on a bright background of pillows. Not only pillows are made in this style, but also blankets and bedspreads of amazing beauty, which amaze us not only with their beauty, but also with their lightness, and mysterious bright hieroglyphs will add mystery and uniqueness to any room.

A key Chinese-style item is silk, an abundance of wall hangings and bamboo, and a variety of ceramics such as vases, figurines and crockery. At the moment, Chinese exotics are so relevant for us, such as intricate calligraphy, lacquer painting, Chinese porcelain, as well as a variety of sculptural decorations made of natural stone, paintings depicting flowers, birds and animals. And even a power amplifier is recommended to buy for those who love not only high-quality, but also beautiful things. This is considered traditional Chinese decor.

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